Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Just started work at Mediacorp Publishing the day before yesterday for LIME magazine. Must say I'm liking the people and the work scope so far! plus tons of freebie that are bound to fill my cupboards soon heh!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Astroninja - Album and Debut Gig Details!

Astroninja (i.e. 'Out Of This World Ronin'. lol) will be making their debut performance at this year's upcoming megaconcert, Rock For Good II. Last year featured popular live acts Electrico, The Suns, Ronin and many more in what many hail as one of the best local concerts ever!
A thousand strong crowd of rockamaniacs!

Expect more balls to the walls mayhem this year!
Date: 23rd June 2007
Venue: Far East Pavillion
Tickets: Pre bookings to be announced!

Featuring a lineup of the best next generation bands!
Caracal, Fire Fight, West Grand Boulevard and many more!

Astroninja will be performing songs off the soon to be released album!
Expect the full length release sometime in July, with a full website and merchandize availability prior to that.

And yes, Astroninja will be giving out FREE sampler copies of 3 unmastered songs from the album, FOC for all Singaporeans who like FOC things :P So spread the word!


The Whyte Scarlets / Astroninja are:
Levan Wee: Vocals (Ronin)
Syed: Drums (West Grand Boulevard)
Dong: Lead guitars (Bad Obsession)
Gabriel: Rhythm guitars (Slipper Zipper)
Joel: Bass (The Leaven Trait)

Album appearances include:
Munir: Guitars (Parking Lot Pimp)
KC: Bass (Caracal)
Field: Guitars (Caracal)
Justin: Bass (The Suns)
Wayne Thunder: drums (The Suns)

also featuring orchestras, choirs, guzheng players, violinists, harmonica players, trumpet players and many more peeps from many more bands like Electrico!

Full length album will feature 12 tracks and bonus DVD.
Selected free downloads will be made available to all current Ronin fans and new fans of Astroninja.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Rock For Good

Anyone who went to Rock for Good last year will surely agree it was one of the most fun local gigs ever! 800 people sweating like crazy as six local bands took the stage. ronin, electrico, the suns, west grand etc

this year, rock for good will be held at Far East Pavillion on the 22nd June.

There is a possibility that I will be performing as one of the acts on songs from the solo album, but together with a bunch of crazy assed talented musicians that I seriously respect and look up to! OMG!

Syed; Drums (West Grand Boulevard)
Wayne Thunder: Drums (The Suns)
Dong: lead guitars (Spanish Fly/ Bad OBsession)
Joel: Bass (The Leaven Trait)
Levan (myself): Vocals (Ex-Ronin)
and featuring a new rhythm guitarist the girls are bound to love haha!

Anyway, for those who went to rock for good last year, this year will be even more happening with a bigger crowd and a bigger budget! And to those who haven't been to a Rock for good concert, now is a good time to start! Other bands include to next gen of local bands, Caracal, Fire Fight, and veterans like The Suns, West Grand Boulevard and many more. So come! More details to be released soon.

It's been a while since the local scene has had a really big mosh pit of a crowd.

Thinking of band names for now. I'm drawing a blank. Any suggestions anyone please?!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Can anybody think of interesting song titles?

Can anybody think of interesting song titles? must be original and unique
examples would be
"Oh Glory, oh glory (These Emo Kids Must Die)"
"Suicide Genocide"
"They always say Yes"
"Love You On Tuesday"
"Red, Red, Razorblade!"
etc etc
Leave comments pls!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Guitar Hero 2

Check this guy out! Wait for it to load and see him break the 'guitar' at the end. I thought this was hilarious lol

Saturday, April 21, 2007

teenage masquerade

ok i couldn't resist uploading these songs, though they far from being finished
The first is Teenage Masquerade. A song about everyone's individual loneliness in life from time to time.
Anyway what I do like about this song is the unexpected. :) It opens up with an asian instrument, the guzheng, and fades into a Spanish guitar, blending the two styles together. And the guzheng gets the solo later on in the song instead of the standard acoustic guitar. It's a little longish sounding now due to the lack of vocals, but I love the string swelling work and instruments. Pardon the electronic drums and fake keyboards instruments for now. They will be substituted in with real musical instruments in the final product, along with vocals of course :)

and this song is about as un-ronin as i could have gotten haha!

played by Munir on guitars, and strings arranged by Leonard Soosay, Caleb and myself. enjoy pls!

For now I call this NEw World Lanjiao, the counterpart for new world cheebye.
Neither of which will ACTUALLY be called such but yeah, for now it's lame and ...well..lame :P

Anyway, I LOVE the drum work and guitar work on this. Done by the Syed/Dong combo again. I love the way they made everything sound so vicious and hungry.
Look out for the triplets at the very end of the song

There are a few mistakes in the solo due to it not being finished (The last note into the C Chord), and this version isn't the one with the actual final solo. But I couldn't resist uploading it anyway.

This song is about all the stupid emo kids who cry in their corners, weep about life, cut themselves to prove how cynical and jaded they are about the world, and basically about how self-sympathetic they're being while people in other parts of the world die of, oh, small things like poverty and political wars. If life is so bad, kill yourself already. It's not that hard. heh

"Goodbye my love
Goodbye to you, goodbye to everything beautiful and true
Surrender, surrender my heart
surrender my life for you"

Monday, April 16, 2007

hold on

Wow I finally fixed my computer. The poor bastard has been out of commission for ages. Eeeks!

Anyway, been busy recording songs off the solo album, along with the Ronin album crawling along. I'm really excited (and really blessed) to be working with so many talented individuals from drummers, guitarists, bassists, violinists, keyboardists, engineers and etc.

Here are some of the tracks off the solo stuff. The vocals aren't done, and the songs haven't been mixed or mastered, so they're in their rawest and unrefined form. But I love the energy and gah-rang-ness that the musicians managed to capture. :)
Temporarily called New World Cheebai, thanks to Wayne the producer lol. Anyway, it won't actually be titled that for obvious reasons. It's pretty much an un-ronin song. Check out the bass riffs and the drummer, done by Joel of Leaven Trait and Syed of West Grand Boulevard respectively!
A song titled Hold On. Check out the sexy violin and string section at the 2.50 mark. It's the first time I've attempted for that big orchestrial sound. I'm hoping to hire a small choir to do the "ohhs" and "ahhs" there too :) And the solo by Dong from Bad Obsession reminds me of a phoenix rising from the ashes to consume the globe with its giant nostrils. lol. Love the violin outtro too. Will be horrendously difficult to sing this song because it reaches up to the high B's. Which is a falsetto for most girls. Which means I have to wear tight pants so my balls can't breathe before I could possibly get that high. I'll The wonders of technology will save this wretched soul!
A track called Yo Yo girl, with drums done by Wayne Thunder from The Suns. I love the raw energy put into this song. Hopefully the singing will do it justice. Eeeks. Also an un-ronin song. Insane shredding by Dong in the solo bits.

I wrote most of these songs at the void deck of the flat I live in. Many a times the police came around to take down my IC, name, blah blah, for the rackus I was making at 3am in the morning. I Don't really blame the residents there, what with my subpar playing and what could be considered unwanted noise. But I always enjoy the alone time in the morning. The cops probably disagree, bu they're a friendly blue bunch just doing their job. They came along once, and they asked me why I had to play downstairs at 3am. I told them "I Don't want to wake my mum up". and the cops rightfully replied "So you want to wake up the REST of the neighbourhood?" haha, that part kinda slipped my mind.

Been struggling with singing the new songs a little bit because they were intentionally done to challenge everything I've known how to do to things that are new territory for me. But I love challenges because, for beter or worse, they push you to new levels that are both frightening and rewarding. And it isn't just applied to music. I've always believed that human beings, as the frail and emotional creatures we are, have to constantly challenge ourselves in order to postpone that slide into boredom or self-redundancy. Be it writing, studying for an exam, doing your job at the office, writing a (gay) poem, or planning an elaborate murder --> everybody needs something to strive for in order to feel respected, needed, and valid to the world around us. I've never been a fantastic song writer, never really good with time signatures and key changes, but I accept my limitations and work around them, or at least try to improve on them.

Took a few weeks, but I've managed to finish watching every single episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Seasons 1 through 7. I had the distinct impression that Buffy was just a teenage rad flick, but was quickly proven wrong after continuously being glued to the tv screen night after night, episode after episode. Probably my favourite tv series of all time! Would never have expected such depth.

That, and my XBOX360, has been the hook to my nights. Helpless game addict.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a slight disappointment to me. Where the heck is shredder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could a turtles movie not have shredder and crang?! Instead there was this immortal hero with the rampant monsters running around (undetected for hundreds of years). 23, starring Jim Carrey, was much better, though not as fantastic as I thought it'd be. And of course, everybody's waiting for Spider-Man 3!

Phantom of the opera this sunday. Can't freaking wait!